Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poor Poe!

Poe went through quite an ordeal today, as did I trying to get her damn scalp off. Thank goodness Takara/CWC don't use all that glue anymore. What a nightmare!! RBL's have ruined me for customising other face molds. I can't believe how long I worked on her and how little I achieved.

I gave her a good long soak first to loosen the glue on her scalp. While she was soaking her crumpled lashes came out easily from the steam. Then I undid the screws and spring...and I thought I'd zip around her scalp and have it off in 10 minutes or so. Little did I know that I'd spend more than 4 hours wrestling with it. OMG!! I checked out two different methods for removing an EBL scalp. Good ol' Pucchi Collective and one from Sue of We Play With Dolls fame as well as looking at this very helpful tutorial from shershe. Well, Poe apparently had not read these tutorials, she really put up a fight. Eventually I got it off with a little bit of damage to the flange and also a little bit of damage to Poe's back face plate (a sliver of plastic came off). That makes me sad :(

There is an unholy amount of glue in the scalp, the most worrying being this thick strip where her thatching is. I have no idea how to get this off!!

And that is enough customising for one day. My fingers hurt!


  1. I am so excited to read your posts about a bait doll, as I just acquired one myself (though I don't think she is as bad off as poor Poe) She will be my first custom, so I have been reading nonstop about custom work. The suggestion on puchi to use a dremel with a buffer attachment to remove scalp glue seems like a GREAT one. I'm going to try a Coolcat scalp myself, since I want much thicker hair that this ADG has currently.

  2. Hey there :) I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. Custom girls are fun, although I must admit that doing up a bait girl has me feeling a little out of my depth. On closer inspection I think the major issue for Poe's scalp won't be how to get that glue off, but rather how to repair the tear that appears to be forming in it along her part line. I think that may be why the glue is so very thick in that spot. Wish me luck!