Monday, January 25, 2010

The first entry - oooh scary!

Writing the first post in a new blog is like diving into an icy pool. It takes a fair bit to work up the nerve, but once you get in there and warm up a bit you find it's not so bad after all. I have procrastinated about this long enough. Time to bite the bullet and write something dammit!

This blog is the result of my interest in Blythe, the expensive little piece of plastic that I first saw long ago on Alicia Paulson's famous blog, Posy Gets Cozy. At the time, I could not understand her interest in that wierd big-headed doll with the creepy orange eyes, nor her consuming desire to make outfits for her. Now I find myself eagerly combing through ebay searching for bargain Blythes and admiring photographs of her on Flickr. I'm still not sure how it happened. Is this the face of my mid-life crisis? Could be worse I suppose!

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