Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ash's new look

Here's a better pic of Ash with her new lips.

After looking at the other Blythe's lips, the ones that have taken me time after time to get right...I've decided I still don't like them, so off they must come again! They were looking pretty good until I decided to get fancy with the second coat and just intensify the colour in the middle. Now they look blotchy. *sigh* And her blush is horribly uneven, it would seem.

How ironic that it only took me 3 attempts to get Ash's looking good - I wasn't even intending to redo them.

I've got some pretty new eye chips on the way for my new girl. Can't wait until they get here :) I love getting new eye chips in the post and it's so handy now that there is an Australian supplier - I can get them in my hot little hands within a few days. These are from We Play With Dolls. I was a little disappointed that they had sold out of several colours that I would have liked to buy, hopefully they'll be restocked soon.


  1. Love what you've achieved with Ash - and reading about your numerous trials and errors - makes me feel a little braver at attempting some work myself... ;)

  2. Go for it! Unless you are carving anything you do can be erased and redone. And redone...and redone...