Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A fun distraction

After the success of my pink mohair I was itching to have a go at processing some more, and remembered that a while ago I bought some red wensleydale locks but didn't end up using them because they came like this.

I made a few plugs, but that's as far as I got. Yesterday I tied a couple of curls together and washed and conditioned them and they came out looking like this.

Much better! And I must say that it was nice to have lovely clean fibre to work with - it brushed out so much more easily. The photo doesn't really do them justice - I don't think it could handle the colour too well. They have a really nice pearly lustre to them and I quite like the way they are like little ringlets. It's a shame that I don't really need them for anything. I suspect that I enjoy processing and combing the fibre more than I do the reroots!

I admit to procrastinating a little about starting Poe's. Last night I repaired her scalp and painted it with acrylic paint so I could begin today, but the paint dried a little bit tacky, so rather than get to the end of the reroot and have paint flaking off, I think it would be best to sand the stock brown colour off and just use it flesh coloured. I did read that non-acetone nail polish remover is good to get the stock paint off, but I rubbed and rubbed at it and it didn't budge for me. At this rate I feel like I'll never get started, much less finish the job!


  1. I tried painting a scalp once with this paint/marker that was recommended to me but that ended up being really sticky as well which really frustrated me. I hear that some people spray paint their scalps and claim it works well but I have yet to try it.
    I have to say from reading your entries on processing mohair it does seem to be more fun than re-rooting it. Whenever I see mohair I like or a doll with a wonderful Mohair job I get so excited like I wanna do another one but I know how pain staking it is. Sometimes just looking at the hair is satisfying enough.
    : )

  2. Hehe yes, I'm still working up the courage to root a single strand of it, but I find myself playing with the mohair whenever I'm in the same room that it's in!