Friday, January 21, 2011

Swoon! A new dolly crush

When I first got into Blythe I could never understand the appeal of Dal with her scowling and (to me at the time) unattractive face.

How things change. For a few months now I've been finding them well....cute. And wanting one. And then I saw this just a few minutes ago, and I REALLY want one!

I think that Tinkerina may own the best Dal in existance :) Is she not the sweetest daintiest creature you ever saw?

It's so odd how tastes evolve. I can remember first seeing a Goldie and thinking she was hideous. And now I want one of those too! Shame my bank account would disagree somewhat. But the Dal...she's do-able. Let the hunt begin!


  1. OMG!! I've been feeling the same way lately, only I haven't got up the guts to officially state it yet! I've never been into them at all but recently, I've seen some really compelling shots of Dals on flickr and their appeal is really starting to hit me. I'm just afraid I can't afford another doll line addiction which is partly why I don't want to admit that I like them.
    As for the Goldie, I've been wanting her forever! *Sigh*
    : )

  2. I know what you mean about not being able to afford another doll addiction! In part I think I am crushing on them because I have decided not to buy any new Blythe this year and just customise the ones I already have. It's only the end of January and already I'm beginning to crack. Surely it doesn't count if it's another kind of doll right? :P

  3. There is something about the Dal. I adore them. But they are fragile and it scares me a little. Still their little pixie faces make my heart melt.

  4. You are right to be a little wary - they are very fragile. I have my little Dal Melize now and her leg has dropped off at the knee several times! It goes back on again easily enough though. Poor thing hasn't even been photographed yet!