Friday, April 8, 2011

The new arrival

I had been having a bit of a downer of a day yesterday, but look who arrived just in time to cheer me up. She is by far the best impulse purchase I have ever surrendered to! I had to take a photo of a commissioned set I made and it seemed like a good excuse for her to have her first photo shoot.

She's the sweetest Blythe I think I own - I can't stop looking at her! Her hair is the nicest that I have seen in person. I don't know if all Can Can Cats have hair like this straight out of the box as obviously I am her second owner, but hers is perfect. Absolutely poker straight, sleek and the fringe is perfectly cut. Now I just need to think up a name for her.

I am finding the difference beteen the older girls and the new ones astonishing in terms of quality and even just general cuteness. The downside of this is of course that I think I may now have a thing for "designer" customs of the older girls. Oh no!!

I think my collection is about to undergo quite an overhaul in the next few months. I have a hankering for a Rosie Red that just won't go away, and poor old Poe will have to get finished or get out. I can't stand having all these unfinished projects and Blythe in pieces in my sewing room anymore, it's driving me crazy! I think I have come to the realisation that I don't like customising quite as much as I thought I did, and besides I think my own customs all tend to look quite similar and I like to see a bit of diversity on the dolly shelf.

The shop is keeping me quite busy of late - I am really enjoying that side of the hobby at the moment, and I have met some really lovely Blythe people through it that I might not have had an excuse to talk to otherwise. I made my 50th sale a little while ago and things seem to have really picked up since then for some reason. I'm loving it!

When I went to write this post today, I realised that I had past the 100 post milestone a while back without realising it. I think a giveaway is in order, perhaps for my 125th post - it will be coming up soon so keep an eye out for it.


  1. One of my best friends IRL has a CCC and her hair is fantastic, though also a second owner.

    I can't wait to know her name! She is gorgeous!

    Congrats for both the fifty sales and the over-one-hundred posts! Both are tremendous milestones. Your shop has been looking wonderful with all of the sweet hair bows and and dresses and undies! I love them all!

    PS: I love Rosie Red too...she and Azzie are the only other BLs I would want. (Loving Mondrian to death still :)

  2. Thanks! It's funny how you get hooked on one particular Blythe and just can't get them of your head. Then again, it could just be all the amazing pics I see on Flickr - I wish I was that creative with my photos!

  3. she is lovely ! well done on your sales!

  4. I have never really thought much about CCC before but yours is so lovely. Congratulations

  5. You should give in to your Rosie Red craving. She is absolutely wonderful!

  6. Congrats on your CCC. I have always thought of her being super cute, but have not managed to get a hold of one myself. May have to re-evaluate my wishlist :)

    Also congrats on your blog---I don't post very often, but do enjoy reading your lovely musing.