Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm still here!!

I have been a very bad blogger indeed! After the wedding madness, I felt that it might be entirely possible that I may never want to sew anything, ever again. Seriously. So I didn't.

Here's how the dress turned out (this isn't at the wedding, obviously!). I made another one for my little niece but I don't feel comfortable putting her pic in the interwebs without talking to my SIL about it. My sister promises me lovely pics from the photographer but they haven't arrived as yet, so in the meantime this will have to do. I got lots of compliments about the dress, but sadly it took a bit of damage at the wedding reception (performing "the worm" on a crowded dance floor will do that!) and one of the tulle panels was torn. Oh well, it's not like she'll have reason to wear it again. Miss B danced so hard that her flimsy flowergirl shoes wore out and then she danced right through the feet of her stockings!!

I also left my Blythes to their own devices for a while (well, languishing in a drawer - they don't do much!). And the Etsy shop stayed empty. Instead I gardened, read and went to the gym. I still kept on admiring other people's lovely Blythe photographs on Flickr and speny some time in the forums though...I didn't go completely cold turkey! But for a little while, I felt as though I could just about put the Blythes away and maybe just keep one. Ha!!

I'm just starting to feel like Blythe-ing again now, and it's quite nice :) I participated in a swap and received this super pretty dress and shoe set which went straight on Roxy and has stayed there. I hadn't given her much attention in a long time what with the new arrivals, and re-dressing her made me realise just how pretty she is. Even if she is a lowly factory Blythe!

She really needs her faceup redone though, as it is very faded. One day I'll get some MSC!

I have done a little bit of sewing (like the cute velvet headband she's wearing - the velvet is a pain to work with, but it's so plush!). I put a few things in the Etsy shop and they all sold really quickly. I'm over the 100 sales mark now and I don't quite know how it happened! It's hard to keep the shop stocked, but I'm not stressing too much about it. I find that I don't enjoy it as much when I have to sew, if you know what I mean. Since I made the 100 milestone, I treated myself to some really cute stickers for my packaging and I can't wait for them to get here so I can start using them. I really love the packing side things, probably too much! It's like wrapping a little present :)

I STILL haven't deboxed my Bo Peace....and feel no urge to. I never thought I would be the type who'd have the restraint to do that. I kind of bought her because of this photo by the very talented Sarah. Isn't she stunning? She has the best hair ever! Maybe I should go and debox my Bo Peach right now!!

No new girls have arrived since my still un-named ObviousZebra custom. I've decided to work on appreciating the ones I have more before I go out acquiring more and even then there are only a few that I want. Poe is about to head off to Moofala for a new faceup and lip carve (and also to have her new bobbed Rouge Noir scalp attached). I can't wait!! Kate does such lovely work and I really look forward to seeing Poe come to life. Especially since she has had such a rough time of things so far! The more I worked on the mohair, the more I realised that pink and fluffy was not going to be a good match for Poe's little personality. She's a sulker and a bit sad and not suited to pastel mohair sweetness at all. I don't really know what to do about her original scalp. I don't feel the slightest bit inclined to finish the reroot!

I have a few little things I need to do with my girls right now. Three of them need opening and eyemechs looked at (sigh), two of them need face-up freshening and I'm also looking at my Simply Vanilla and thinking about doing a bit of work on her.

I'm swapping her back to a Takara body as I really don't like the PN Flection one at all. I feel like she's constantly trying to wriggle out of my hands (perhaps she doesn't like me?). Her scalp was always very poor, so rather than doing a full reroot (which I may never finish if my past efforts are anything to go by!), I am considering filling in some of the gaps with some platinum saran I have and putting some lovely candy pink saran underneath. I may have to send her off to someone for a haircut afterward though. It's just such a shame that her hair is so bad! I love the colour so much but it's just so thin and gappy. Even her fringe is very different to most of the SV's I've seen. They all have quite long fringes but mine has baby bangs! They are the best thing about her hair but it's odd that hers is just so different. I'd love to see what goes on inside that factory - someone must have been deep in conversation when they were doing her scalp!