Saturday, May 14, 2011

The drawing board - yawn!

Still plugging away on the flowergirl dresses. I decided to close the shop for a little while so I could concentrate on getting everything wedding related sorted , and spent most of the week tweaking the design and resizing things, and now I'm finally ready to spend up on delicious silk dupioni and tulle and get sewing the real thing. I even made a muslin of the bodice to make sure that everything will fit Miss B and sacrificed an old bedsheet to mock up the bustle/bow thing on the back. I have to admit...there's a little piece of me that gets super excited when I see all those piles of pretty and impractical fabrics. Tulle is quite possibly the dreamiest, girliest, prettiest fabric in existance and sadly I just don't get enough opportunities to play with it!

To keep things Blythe-y, I got super lucky on a sundries sale and snagged this super cute outfit for Holly. I love it to bits - especially the hat. I so wish I could knit. Then I'd have one of these babies in every colour!

The outfit came with red tights, gorgeous white zip up boots and even a tiny pair of white glasses (that I'm too scared to put on her for fear of scratching her makeup!). I have to say that it was great to buy a complete outfit - tights, shoes and all - and kind of special to get clothes for her that I haven't made myself. I think I may be hitting the Etsy stores in the near future :)

A little while ago, I also got this super cute pair of jeans from Claribari on flickr in a swap. I love them soooo much! The detail on them is amazing - they even have teeny tiny pockets! Check it out :)

I am kind of feeling the urge to give Ash a makeover at the moment. I saw a gorgeous pic of a FrFr with a tiny fringe and I'd love to try it myself. Her makeup is in dire need of a freshen up too. The problem with not using MSC is that the pastels fade over time, so a touch up is definitely in order. And these horrible fish eyes have to come out. They give me nightmares!! I'd like to replace them with some handpainted chips. Brown and gold maybe?

This pic was taken before I redid her lips. Ick!!! She looks wind-burned!

My Bohemian Peace also arrived, and for once I haven't fallen on the box and tore it open like an animal. She is still NRFB - something that NEVER happens around here!! I think I will try to wait until the dresses are done, and she can be a reward :)


  1. Holly looks fab with the beret. I love it.
    Oh I can't wait to see the finished dress you are working on. Tulle is so pretty!

  2. Thanks :) I'll be sure to post pics when they are done!