Friday, April 9, 2010

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen!

My progress on the Coraline custom goes slooowly, but I'm getting there. Every night I take up position on the couch with my trusty tray and I try to spend an hour or so on the scalp. At the end of each session her plait grows steadily fatter, though I think it will be quite a while before I'm done. I'm not as concerned that I haven't ordered enough hair now. I have only done 1 1/2 skeins and the thickest part of her scalp is done. If I stuff up the haircut after all this effort, I will go mad with rage!

I've made part of her costume and have ordered the bits that I can't make myself, or are too lazy to bother. Truth be told, I'm getting really tired of trying to make replicas of things and just want to do some sewing or creating that isn't the slightest bit Coraline related!

Stripey shirt: made - not entirely happy with it and will probably do over.
Pink skirt: made
Green tights: ordered from glassonion
Pink sneakers: ordered from mimiwoo
Rain boots: ordered from chinesegirl
Jeans: not making those puppies - yet to order
Raincoat: fabric purchased, yet to make
Blue jacket: fabric purchased, WIP
Peaked cap: still to make...maybe

I've started scouting about for a bait Blythe for my next one, a bit prematurely perhaps, but they are so hard to come by at a good price. I'd like to get one based in Australia so it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg just to get her here. If nothing turns up soon I'm considering getting a Mango or a Guava as they are so cheap at the moment, but it seems like such sacrilige to carve up a brand new Blythe.

That said, I've realised that the amount of time, effort and materials that go into creating a custom girl are wasted on the clones. Sure, she looks much cuter than when I started, but at the end of the day she's still just a clone and is not worth selling even if I wanted to. At least with a Blythe I might recoup some of the cost of materials at worst.

Speaking of projects that are progressing very slowly, work on my sewing room has come grinding to a halt. In fact after the skirting boards were put back on not a thing has been done, and having to have all my sewing gear, projects and bookcases filled with fabric in various places all over the house is driving me nuts! This weekend we'll get back into that as it NEEDS to get done. I hope to at least have the undercoat complete by the end of the weekend.

When it's all painted, I'm going to put up some cute prints - right now I'm loving this one by artist and Etsyian Erica Mount..she has some utterly wonderful things in her store. I'm loving the address labels too - they would be so cute if you were involved in a swap or just selling off some excess Blythe goodies.

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