Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Sista - The Middie Blythe

A photo of the first Middie sized Blythe has been leaked...and suprisingly she's super super cute!

Until I saw this I was not especially interested in her. Her non-bendy legs and lack of a proper 4 colour eye mech were a bit of a put off and to be truthful I thought her face would be leaning more toward the expressionless Petite, rather than the Neos. I've always thought the Petite faces were kind of odd looking with their startled bunny eyes surrounded by a bristle of lashes (sorry Petite lovers!) and have never been tempted by them (even though I have some cute patterns that would be fun to make up), but the Middie with her Blythe-like features and adorable head tilt is kind of irresistable, even to a hard hearted and cynical Neo-only collector like me.

Kudos to you Hasbro/Takara/CWC/Junko or whoever dreamed the Middie up. She's more than we could have hoped for :)

1 comment:

  1. Oooh she's cute :D
    Thanks for posting. Saw her on Flickr but skimmed by as I thought she was a Neo.