Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She is mine!!!

And for once, that does not relate to a new Blythe. Yep, I bit the bullet, outlaid rather a lot of money and bought the bike I've been covetting for the last few weeks. For people really into bike riding my bike is bottom end, but seeing as all of my previous ones have come from Kmart, it's a BIG step up, both in quality and erm...price. I still feel horribly guilty about it, so girl/s and sundries are going to have to go up for sale to alleviate my conscience.

I have to say though, that it was definitely worth it. I've been riding all over the place in relative comfort and just enjoying the weather. I am far from the fit, skinny exercise loving type, so I'm going to take full advantage of my bike-riding enthusiasm while it lasts. It is early spring here right now, and just amazingly pleasant (apart from the swooping magpies!), and I just haven't felt the urge to sit inside and sew. Which is why the shop has gone temporarily quiet. Also, poor Miss B has had a horrible toothache, which has led to her needing a bit of extra coddling (and very expensive and traumatic trips to the dentist). The dentist visit was much more terrible for me than for her I think. She was so terrified that they gave her happy gas, meanwhile I had to sit in the room and watch the entire procedure without the benefit of any sedation. I think I could have used some too! On Friday she has to go in for a root canal and I am just dreading it. Apart from it just being insane that a 9 year old should require such a thing on a baby tooth that had been treated by that same dentist 6 months earlier, it's shockingly expensive. To make things worse we discovered that to our horror our health insurance (for which we pay almost $300 a month) will not cover it. Damn you to hell MBF!!!! You are a bunch of thieving crooks! I am more than a little cranky about that.

So to that end, I need to rifle through some Blythe bits and bobs that I'm not using and give Ash a little spa and a photoshoot to prepare her for sale and put a little money back in the kitty. And now I will go and bake some cupcakes, just because I feel like it.


  1. I love your bike! I wish I had the ambition and a pleasant biking atmosphere. My area is too congested to really enjoy it.

  2. Thank you, I love it too! I think I will be buried with it :P

  3. What kind of bike is that? It's so cute and almost exactly what I'm looking for, except not pink.

    And I hope your little girl feels better soon. I know full well what it's like to have tons of dental stuff done, what with getting a tooth chipped by a tennis racket in 3rd grade. Not fun.

  4. Sorry for the long delay in responding to your comment - have been on holidays :)

    It is a Giant Suede and it also comes in a metalic purple that is quite pretty. Miss B was back to her usual self in no time, I however am still coping with the horror witnessing her root canal and the extraordinarily large dentist bill!