Sunday, May 2, 2010

The deed is done...pretty much

Last night I decided that there was no point in procrastinating any longer and gave Jonesy the chop. For better or for for worse, her hair is now bobbed (more or less!). It still needs a little tidy up - cutting dolls hair is harder than I thought. Especially on a girl with exorcist-like neck swivelling tendencies.

It was kinda painful chopping off that lovely hair :( It was so gorgeously silky and sleek and the colour looked so wonderful at that length (sigh). Oh well, it's done now and there's no going back. It is still a little long I think.

Which leads me to my next hair dilema - the factory girls. I've decided that I can't live with the crunchy, shedding, ginger frizz any more than I'll be able to live with the blonde dreadlocks on my next to arrive girl. I confess to fiddling with the colour saturaion in the curlers photo. In real life her hair is a not very pretty shade of orangutan ginger and it's not nice at all. I guess this that means two reroots are in order. Sounds horribly ambitious, but I'm planning to just take my time as I don't know when I'll be able to get my hands on another bait girl at the right price anyway. Besides, I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of like rerooting. It's oddly satisfying.

So, the girl that's blonde will be getting a deep red reroot in Wensleydale wool (so she'll be curly). The seller is really lovely and she's dying it to order just for me. I think it will give her eyeshadow a bit more punch than the blonde hair she currently has. She will get Ashling's (ginger ninja's) reddish painted scalp.

The ginger ninja, Ashling will get her scalp but I'm still tossing up what colour hair to give her. Part of me wants to do a shiney white mohair, but I'm wondering if 2 mohair girls is too many - and besides, what if it's much harder to do than the saran? Mohair is expensive and I don't want to mess it up. So Ashling will probably be a saran girl - I'm thinking silver or platinum blonde or a mix of the two.

This is Hi Ho Silver from Restore Doll.

I also like this one, it's called Monroe

Or...I could do a fantasy hair colour on her. A blue green like PAM. Or a pastel peach like Peach. I just can't decide. And therein lies the problem, because without knowing for sure what her hair colour will be, I can't plan her face-up or buy her new eye chips. I guess it will come to me eventually, but for now, she's not telling me anything.

Oh, as an aside, I just want to clarify that Jonesy isn't wearing the play smock that I've got in my shop. I made three of them and this one is an "oops" - I put the pockets on slightly crooked so I decided to keep it rather than sell it as it's not perfect.

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