Sunday, May 9, 2010

My first Blythe custom

I've had so much fun the last few days "making over" Ashling. I wasn't too sure about the look that I wanted for her, so I just kind of played with colours and blush until I got something I felt reasonably happy with.

I'm glad that I did the work on the Basaak first, as I was not at all nervous about pulling her apart and I had a little bit more of an idea of how the pastels behaved. I'm not really happy with her lips, but I think that until I get some MSC so I can build up the colour some more, they'll have to do for now. If it becomes apparent that I just can't do lips at all, I'll send her away to an Aussie customiser to have this done. Originally I gave her green pastel eyeshadow, but I wasn't happy with the colour once it was on her as it looked kind of yellowish. Since I already have a Blythe on the way with yellow eye shadow I went with some a neutral brown.

As you can see, I've managed to tame her hair a little now as well. When it was still wet I made it into ringlets and when it dried it looked great! Sadly during the process of putting her head back together they have kind of fallen out. Still, there is no arguing that her hair looks much much better than when I started and I have decided that for the time being at least, she can keep her hair as is.

I've given her some new chips too, olive drab and plain baby blue (which I'm not as keen on). Initially I took out the plum ones that she came with, but I've since put them back in. I think they might be the same purple/plum chips that PAM has and it's about as close to having a PAM that I'll ever get!


  1. She looks gorgeous now, great job :D

  2. Thanks for both the compliments and the comments! I sometimes wonder if I'm talking to myself - it's nice to see I'm not :)