Monday, May 3, 2010

What happened to my weekend??

So much for running up a dress - this weekend has been eaten up by painting and an impromptu trip to Movieworld (which I will admit was fun!). Miss B had an absolute ball, which is great because the poor little thing was pretty entertaining herself for most of the weekend while P & I were up ladders.

It's a bugger of a room to paint as it has a long hallway that's part of it - one coat of paint takes more than 4 hours to apply. We have one more day of it ahead of us so that we can do the trim and then I can move all my sewing gear and Blythe collection (I have 3 now, plus a fake - does that count as a collection?) into it. I can't tell you how wonderful it will be to move everything out of it's temporary home in the dining rooms and bedrooms. The clutter makes me feel uber-stressed.

I've had another thought as to my factory girl's reroot. I'm going to do a blended colour I think, of two different blondes and a red similar to the one she has. These hair swatch pics are from My Little Customs. Stunning colours aren't they?

The red Wensleydale locks have been dyed and purchased and hopefully will be on their way to me very soon. I got them from this etsyian who runs a shop called Jenny Fields Fibre. Her prices were very reasonable and the service was great - she discussed the exact shade of red that I was after with me and dyed it up specially and had it listed within 48hours. I'll let you all know how the wool is like when it arrives but I'm pretty confident that it will be fantastic.

I'm itching to take this girl apart and start her faceup. I don't think she'll be staying in one piece for much longer at all!

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