Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blythe - the creative catalyst

I read a post on Plastic Paradise the other day that got me thinking. The writer was commenting that she felt that it seemed to her that everyone who collected Blythe used their dolls as models for amazingly tiny knits, cool felted helmets, Blythe couture, gorgeous custom dolls or just jaw droppingly beautiful photography and it made her feel a little inadequate for just being content to collect the dolls.

I thought this was such an interesting point, my perception is that it's true that so many collectors use Blythe as a muse and sometimes end up finding new creative outlets after taking up the hobby. In addition to the obvious - sewing, knitting and crocheting clothes, I've seen the most amazing paintings, detailed dioramas and even tiny jewelry designed for her. I love this idea by Little Deer - a watercolour portrait of your very own Blythe!

I also am a big fan of Emma Mount's work. I really need to get some of her gorgeous prints.

And I would love a pair of these shoes from TSANFW How funky and different are they?!

Aside from admiring everyone else's work, I can also see that some of my own creative skills have improved since I first became interested in Blythe. This is the first ever Blythe pic I took when Holly arrived in December 2009.

And this is a fairly recent one and one of my favourites.

My photography and photo editing skills are slowly improving and it shows in the snaps that I take of my family as well. This is my gorgeous girl Miss B.

I have never been interested in photography before. It always seems so horribly complicated and technical (and as you can see by the very ordinary template I use for my blog, I have no interest in the technical!). At some stage I may invest in a better camera, but right now I am content to learn how to get a decent photo out of the very very ordinary and probably outdated point and shoot digital camera and how to use an editing program to tidy them up.

I wonder how many other collectors have started taking an interest in a new creative pursuit or set their mind to improving the skills they already have? Could it be that this big eyed piece of plastic is a catalyst for creativity?


  1. Hello :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! Ew...the eyes are disgusting! Thanks ever so much for telling me that tidbit of information :) I have a couple questions...
    1. Can I make a Blythe from scratch? As in, with the items specified on my blog...leading to question 2. Do wigcaps come as shown? With the head and everything?
    Thanks so much :)

  2. You can make your own custom, but you will need to get your hands on a cheap Blythe or at the very least a head with an eye mech and dome (the hard bit under her scalp). The wigcap is just that - a stretchy cap to contain the hair when it's worn under a wig and it's shown on the head just to demonstrate what it looks like. So in answer to your question, no you don't get the head.

    You could try to get a cheap nude Blythe on ebay (I've seen Mango and Guava going very cheap at the moment), get a factory girl like the ones in my blog (from about $65 on ebay) join This Is Blythe and keep an eye out for a bait Blythe - that's a Blythe that's no longer stock and needs her makeup/hair redone.

    Good luck and feel free to ask me anything. It is confusing getting your first one.

  3. Thank you! I am so grateful for people like you who are willing to help! I decided that, since Ebay is off limits for a girl my age, and my parents are unwilling, I found a doll who is cheap and I think rareish...I can't put it up in case someone tries to snatch it up. But it's a pretty doll. Just a teeny bit of customization involved.

  4. Your first Blythe - how exciting! You'll have to share some pics of her when she arrives :)

  5. Of course :) She's an Aztec Arrival ADG-is that's what they're called?