Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bohemian Peace

I saw this girl's promo pics a when they were first released a month or so ago and wasn't the slightest bit excited by her. She was OK looking, and I thought her little ukelele was cute, but otherwise she was nothing really remarkable.

I eat my words.

Now that I have seen some owner pics (here is the pic that had me hooked!)of this Blythe I am itching to add her to my collection and I'm not afraid to say that it's all because of her hair. As you can see, it's the most amazing colour - an absolutely gorgeous mahogany that is very different to any of the girls I currently have in my collection.

This is a bit of a problem really, because I was kind of fixated on getting Very Vicky because I don't have an SBL in my collection yet.

The final photos of her have been released and apart from the dorky hat, I really like her (although I am a little aprehensive about dealing with all that hair - looks like it could be high maintenance). I don't know that I would get both her and least not without letting one of my other Blythes go, which will be hard.

If one of them has to go, it will probably be Ash who has not been getting a great deal of attention lately.


  1. Personally I prefer Bo'Pe - but that's just my hippie side speaking ;) If you were to listen to my more nostalgic side then Ve'Vi would be the winner! LOL :D

  2. If I end up getting either of them now, it will be BoPe. I've blown the dolly budget on Star Dancer! I will have to get sewing and replenish my paypal account again so I can buy BoPe - the out of box pics of her are amazing!