Thursday, July 8, 2010

Very Vicky - Very Nice!!

Design illustration for the new Neo Blythe "Very Vicky"!

Vicky is short for Victoria.
At home, she is always called Victoria, a proper name for a proper young lady.
She is very much what her name indicates.
An aristocrat with a background that is VERY Vicky!

Very Vicky wears a classical outfit with a hint of Victorian essence.
Her outfit is separated to a shirt and skirt.
The shirt is made of a bluish green fabric, and is a very detailed design.
The bib front panel of the top is made from off-white fabric, and is decorated with pin tucks, ribbon, beads and laces.
The skirt is a simple shape, but the lace at the trim adds a very cute accent!
The little straw hat on her head has a lovely motif lace to perfectly match the dress.
Her black tights and bluish green strap shoes which match the dress color complete her look.
Her hair style is a brown long wavy hair that reaches her knee parted on the side.
Her makeup is a bluish grey eye shadow with pink lip and blush.
Her beauty mark under her left eye is her charm point.
She has a special light green eye chips gazing toward the right.
The face type is Fairest and skin color is Natural.
Scheduled release date: August 2010
Suggested retail price: 14,490 JPY

Oh man...I acknowledge that my collection is beginning to get out of hand and even though I vowed to slow down, I think I might just need this new release scheduled for August as my token FBL. Her hair, those gorgeous special eye chips, and her stock - I mean seriously just look at it - it's damn perfect (OK, I admit to not being totally in love with the dinky little hat, but I can live with that)!

I haven't been this excited about a new release since Nostalgic Pop - she is gorgeous and I must have her!


  1. Sloooow down, have to slow down! How many dollies do you have again? :D
    Save some for me, will you? LOL, just kidding.

  2. I seem to be averaging one a some point I'm going to have to slow down! (Or God forbid, let some go - yeah right!).

  3. I think I might need her too... she has my name & I don't have an fbl...