Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a bit crabby at myself for allowing time to slip away so unproductively this week. Maybe I needed a breather, having had Miss B to entertain for the past few weeks, but it does seem a bit strange to me that while she was on holidays, I sewed more and sold more than I have this past week.

All I've managed are two of these little cuties (I make two at a time now as I spend such a long time fussing about what fabric to use, what trims look good with it etc), and a few hairbows that need to be sewn onto headbands...which I have not yet made.

Not a lot of new stock will be sewn next week, as I'll have my sister and her partner staying with me so I'll be entertaining them during the day and as they will also be sleeping in my studio I won't be able to get near it to sew. I'm really looking forward to it - I'm an Auntie again and the family have travelled all over to visit my little brother's new baby. She's one of those tiny contented babies that sleeps sweetly in the arms of whoever is holding her, never cries and is just beautiful! So far I'm fairly certain that she has spent more of her life being cuddled and cooed at in the arms of various family and friends than she has sleeping on her own. What a life huh?

So at any rate, I'll be catching up with close family that I just don't see enough of, playing tour guide, cooking for long lazy dinners and not much sewing at all. And that's just fine :)

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