Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stage one complete!

It is insanely late, but I wanted to put up a quick post. I've finished Frankie's face-up, and put in two new sets of eyechips - browns and buttons (because Miss B wasn't having it any other way...). Before and progress so far.

I'm not sure I like the freckles at all...but Coraline has freckles, so freckles it is. I know - she looks nothing at all like bloody buggery Coraline, but I did promise I'd have a go for Miss B and being 8 years old, she's not very good at compromise. She hasn't seen her yet as I've only just finished her and last Miss B saw she was still a collection of parts. I'm sure she'll like her anyway. I'm hoping that the blue hair will make her look more Coraline-esque, although the very thought of the re-root makes me feel a little ill. My very worst fear is that I'll spend ages re-rooting her and then completely destroy her hair when I cut it into a bob. I also worry that Miss B will see the button eyes and be terrified of her..personally I think they are a bit scary (and besides which, Coraline doesn't get the buttons in the movie - it's kind of the point!). They are there at her own insistence so she had better not be scared - they also came at great personal cost - I sanded off some of my nails in the process of getting them thin enough to put in!

Work done so far:

Complete new face-up.
Carve lips...very very badly.
Gloss lips. I think I may attempt to re-do her lips - her mouth is too small.
Two new sets of chips - foiled brown and buttons (which I had to sand to fit - PITA!!)
New lashes
Freckles...also done very badly. There's an art to getting freckles cute, wish I knew it.
Rebodied on Takara body.

Still to do:

Reroot with blue hair.
Cut into bob (eep!!)
Make Coraline outfit.
Make tiny Coraline doll.

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