Thursday, March 18, 2010

There has been a distince lack of posts of late for two reasons. Firstly, because I've landed myself a short term contract and have been working (and things have been frantic), and secondly, because until today my customising gear had not arrived.

Well, today it did and I couldn't wait to get cracking! At first I thought I would just "try out" the sanding sponges. It's like peeling off wallpaper - you just do a tiny bit to see what it's like and before you know it you're standing knee deep in shreds of paper, the walls are bare (although in this case, it was Frankie's face that was bare) and you're wondering how to tell your parents. Within the hour her make-up was gone and she had lovely velvety matt skin. Even with her ghetto heritage she looked pretty good imo!

Then I got out the needle file...the less said the better about that really. While I didn't carve a hole in her face or anything like that, I definitely have no natural talent in that area. I don't even know how to fix my she'll probably just have to stay somewhat lopsided. I like to think it adds to her charm.

Then after dinner I thought I'd just sandmatt her eyelids and see how the pastels as makeup worked. It was fun, so I did a bit of eyeshadow. Also fun. And then she was starting to take shape, so I added a little blush and then some lip gloss which didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped either but being fairly natural looking it's not too bad. I would have done the freckles as well if only my brown paint had not dried up. Oh well, that's a job for tomorrow!

She looks ok considering she's my first custom. I mean obviously she's not utterly fabulous and I think that SammyDoe and Poohie can sleep easy, but I don't think she'll end up in the bin after all regardless of her many many faults. I quite like her.

Unfortunately, she looks nothing like Coraline. Nothing at all... And I don't think she will suit blue hair either. I wonder how I'll break the news to Miss B.

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