Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter - I know I did!

Many eggs were eaten (too many!), lots of fun was had. Much laughing, eating, relaxing and catching up with family that I just don't see enough of.

I did do a little rerooting. The part is thatched and the first skein of saran is in her scalp. "Only" three to go now (dear Lord!). I have stabbed myself with the doll needle many many times. I've taken tonnes of photos, but they are all of various members of my family stuffing themselves and posing with rabbit ears on and are not dolly related at all.

I've decided that I'll do the re-rooting whenever I'm sitting in front of the telly. I've got a tray set up with the tools, water bowl, paper towels and saran and it's not nearly so unbearable to do it that way. If it were not for the constant stabbing, I'd probably find it relaxing!

I need to start working on her costume now. I've ordered some rain boots and tights from Etsy. Now I just need to make her raincoat, jeans, skirt, tee and jacket. Sounds like a lot of sewing!

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