Monday, April 26, 2010

A mini shop update

I say mini, because it's dress. Can you tell that I went back to work last week? hehe

I didn't even get to do a lot of sewing over the long weekend because I've been busy doing something infinitely less pleasant - painting. It is taking a ridiculously long time because the room has a long hall leading into the main part of it, so there's miles extra cutting in (don't I sound all painterly!). Mr P and I have basically spent 2 full days in there and all we have done is the undercoat. We would have been at it today as well if he hadn't gone and injured his knee in the lamest manner possible. Other people hurt themselves playing sport or having spectacular accidents. Well not my husband - he's mananged to injure himself during the extremely risky process of sitting down! How crazy is that?! Ironically he'd been on our very high and scarily sloped roof moments before clearing leaves out of the gutter without incident while I fretted anxiously at the bottom of the ladder. The injury occurred when he went to plonk himself down in a chair on the verandah to have a beer when he was finished!

Anyway, to that end here is the one and only dress that I managed to make this week. Miss B is campaigning very hard to keep this one, and I will admit that it's one of my favourites too. I love the itsy bitsy collar and the ruffled underskirt and the black and white colourway stops it from being too overly cutesy. I have plenty of the spotty fabric though, so I can always run up another one for her.

Do you notice my model? I did hesitate to put in on Jonesy as she isn't a pure-blood Blythe and collectors might be less likely to buy the dress, but in my defense, she does have a Blythe body, and I think she looks good in it with her blue hair. As you can see, I still have not worked up the courage to cut her it. I really like it just as it is...but I will cut it - I will!

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