Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am totally amazed and a little bit high (but in a good clean wholesome way!). Last night about an hour or so after I listed my dress I went to show my daughter the listing photo...and it was gone. Sold! I can't believe it went so fast! I was so excited to think that someone out there liked my work enough to buy it - it's such a buzz! I so hope that my buyer likes it. I've made a little something extra to send along as well. I'm a more than a little dissatisfied with my packaging efforts - my printer decided to break down after the packing slip printed and I had to handwrite the envelope and thank you note in my not-very-pretty handwriting. Ugh.

As that dress seemed to be popular, I decided to sell it's sister and another little one that I made. I will list them later tonight in my store. www.dollybirdblythe.etsy.com

See the latest addition to my Blythe family modelling the pink one? She's Nostalgic Pop and I unboxed her just yesterday. She was a present to myself for getting a short term contract at a school. I haven't had a great deal of time to spend with her, but I'm not really feeling the love for her just yet. For some reason she seems to not have as much personality as Holly, and her hair is definitely a lot more high maintenance! When it's not tied back it just goes everywhere - although it is deliciously thick and lovely. I think I might have to give a it a gentle wash as it is quite greasy. Her eye chips are in different positions to normal as well - bright green front facing, yellow front facing (I know they are special, but I don't know that I like them), blue and pinks are side glancing. I've always preferred the side glancing chips as they seem less stare-y somehow so I'll have to change out the pinks at the very least. I've never liked the pinks. I do love her stock - especially the little yellow shirt. Unfortunately her shoes are not fabulous and are very squishy so she can't really stand in them. It's a pity as I have a woefully small shoe collection and the Takara shoes are usually quite nice.

I can't help but feel just a little disappointed with her as she is by far the most expensive Blythe that I have, and the only one of mine that I bought new. I am wondering if the reason I'm not finding her as cute is part fear due to her expense and part guilt...also due to her expense! I have been itching to send one of my girls off for a custom faceup and lip carve (to someone who knows what they are doing, I wouldn't attempt this on one of my girls that I'm attached to) - maybe it will be NosPop. I know of a good Aussie customiser...I'm just afraid that I would spend even more money on her and I still wouldn't like her! She still doesn't have a name...Miss B wants to call her Poppy.

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