Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new girl on her way....

What can I say? I am weak in the face of a potential bargain and for some reason I seem to be preferring my Blythes ghetto these days. I've bought another factory girl (I have justfied it to myself as she's to be my Mothers Day present - even though I know she won't be here in time). One look at that peachy skin and bright blue eyes and I could not help myself - she's super sweet!

I'm itching to do another reroot and I needed a victim that has awful hair as I'd like to do one on a stock scalp this time and can't quite bring myself to chop off a nice head of hair. As you can see my new factory girl certainly fits the bill. Her hair is revolting, but her face and eyes are quite nice so I'm thinking I'll keep her mostly stock and just give her some new chips in place of the pinks and yellows. I really love those green chips! I wish I knew which face and mech she has - I have no idea. I might have to put a few feelers out into the community and see if anyone can shed some light on this.

I'm leaning towards giving her platinum blonde saran possibly with bangs...but that could change. I really do need a blonde in my collection.

I can't quite fathom what the appeal of these dolls is. An offical NRFB Blythe arrives in a beautiful box, dressed nicely and once her hair is given a quick brush is near perfection. These girls turn up wrapped in newspaper in a scruffy old cardboard box with their dreaded hair, scratched make-up and mismatched body parts. I think part of it (appart from the greatly reduced price) is that there's that feeling that you can take this tatty doll and make her into something beautiful and unique. Take a look at the Flickr group created just for these rejects and you'll see what I mean.

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