Saturday, April 17, 2010

A progress report...

I have so many doll things in progress at the moment I hardly know what to work on!

First up, a progress report on Jonesy as I haven't blogged about her in a little while. I'm still working on her reroot. I think I've broken it's back as I'm just about to start on the final skein and only have about 3 rows left to do - woo hoo! I am ridiculously pleased about the prospect of finishing it. I've bought some rubbing alchohol and plan to attempt to do her lips again...and possibly her freckles too. I'm not really happy with how either of those came out. I just hope that the do over looks better, not worse!

I still need to sew the rain coat and the blue jacket (I admit to procrastinating about the blue jacket - it's fiddly, requires pattern drafting and I think the fabric I'm using (a navy micro-suede) might be too bulky. I'm waiting for her tights and pink sneakers to arrive in the mail, I still need to order her jeans. I have found the perfect pair, but they were a little pricey so I'm still tossing up which ones to get these ones by Pistachio Libby

Or these ones by Blythe Station.

I did have some rainboots ordered but there was a miscommunication about the colour and I need to reorder them later when the seller is free to do custom work again, which is a bit of a shame. I am kind of wanting to get this girl over and done with now... because a new bait Blythe is on the way! She's one of the factory girls, with a red curly Saffy-like scalp that I've never seen before. She seems to have Guava's faceplates and an unusual eyemech - she has purple or red chips. I can't wait to get her and start! Originally I wanted a scalpless girl to do a mohair reroot for my next custom project, but I saw this girl and loved her straight away and the price was too good to resist. I have heard that some of the factory girls do have issues with their hair though, so I guess whether I keep it or not will depend on what I find when I open her up.

Once again I've managed to take a couple of fail photos - when will I learn that once the light is gone, there's nothing to do but wait until the next day. I wish I was more patient. These are of the new dress I've been working on for Nos Pop. I wanted a regency style gown for her and have been drafting a pattern. This is a very rough mock up just to see how the pieces went together(please ignore the untrimmed threads, visible marks, lack of hem etc) . Being all white with no trim on it, it kind of looks like a nightie! I've since made the skirt slimmer, and am thinking of changing the sleeves. I still want the slightly puffy look, but I don't think I like the cuffs on the them as it looks a little chunky. Back to the drawing board, I think...

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