Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big weekend, slow day

I've had a wonderful but frantically busy weekend with my family, so today I am taking it slow and not doing much of anything. Tomorrow the pace and stress picks up again, but today is wonderfully rainy and grey, so I'm hiding away in my house reading, and drinking cups of tea and perhaps a little sewing.

My father turned 60 on Sunday and the family all came to Brisbane from Central Queensland and Melbourne to celebrate. We had the most amazing dinner at Customs House on the river. It's my very favourite restaurant, but we don't go often these days because of the expense, and a chronic shortage of baby-sitters. The building is just beautiful - sandstone with a copper dome - and it's right by the river. During winter, the inside is cozy and ambiant but in Summer you can sit outside under the stars, catch a breeze, watch the city lights dance on the river and admire the Story Bridge. It's very old fashioned with amazing food and service and we all had such a great time.

I took heaps of photographs but I won't show them as my family probably won't appreciate being plastered all over internet, I just realised as I went through them that the only ones that don't have family in them are shots of the food!

They have all gone back home now, but my father returns tomorrow to have some surgery. I know that this procedure is done all the time, but it still makes me anxious. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

I'm planning to bring some crochet along to the hospital waiting room to keep myself occupied while he has his operation. I thought I might have a go at this cute little hat. Obviously the photo isn't mine - it's from the pattern makers website. The pattern is called Pixie Hat and is available from Ravelry for a mere $2.50.

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