Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Etsy, how I love you!

How cute is this toy? It, and this persons entire store are adorable! Just look at the little worlds that the critters live in! There's just so much attention to detail and cuteness, you can tell that she really loves her work. Here's her sweet little shop where she sells the completed toys as well as patterns (very reasonably priced too!) for those lucky people who know how to crochet. Added bonus - she's located in Australia so shipping costs should be reasonable.

I spend far too much time browsing about Etsy, yet so few Australians seem to know about it. What's up with that? It's such a shame, because there are just so many amazing artisans selling here and so many of their products are just gorgeous. I would love to make more an of an effort to buy more gifts from here, rather than sullenly trudging around a shopping centre looking for something unique to buy a child, especially when there are sweet little crochet foxes that obviously need homes! Not to mention the fact that I'd much prefer a lovely piece of unusal jewelry or a print rather than a generic purchase from one of the giant chains that seem to be taking over our shopping centres.

A lot of the sellers are from overseas, which can be a bit offputting I suppose when you consider the added cost of shipping and the slightly scary prospect of the sale not going as smoothly as you'd expected. However, I've made several purchases from overseas sellers now (as well as locals) and have never been disappointed in any way or had any bad experiences. There is a great filter called "Shop Local" which allows you to browse sellers from your own area if you are nervous (although all prices are in US dollars), and there are heaps of amazing locally made products to choose from. If you haven't visited Etsy yet, go take a look and spend a pleasant hour or so window shopping - there are some amazing products out there!

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