Friday, February 12, 2010


Not a lot to blog about today, Blythewise, and sadly a lot to do, cleaning-wise so I'll keep it short and sweet.

I sent Megan from Moss Mountain an Etsy convo yesterday and she agreed to make me a little squirrel (can't wait!!). Also, did I happen to mention that she's in the process of making some hedgehogs? I can't imagine who impossibly tiny and sweet they'll be! BTW, I should probably mention that I don't have any connection with the Etsy sellers I mention here, I just really like their work, so sadly I'm not getting any kickbacks :P To my knowledge nobody actually reads this blog, it's not as thought it's a massive publicity opportunity anyway!

Just so there's some eye-candy, have a look at this beauty! This is Nostalgia Pop, she's due to be released late February and I've been coveting her for quite a while. Unfortunately, word in the Blythe community is that she is quite expensive for a new release so I'll probably have to admire her from afar. It is very unfair that she's being released right now when I'm on a self imposed dolly diet, she's the only new release Blythe that I've been excited about since I became interested in them in September last year. Although after seeing photos of Urban Cowgirl out of her stock clothes, I think I may have severely under-rated her - she's really beautiful!

I'm champing at the bit to build a light box at the moment. My Kitchenaid stand mixer came in a nice large packing box that looks just the right size for Blythe photos. I just need to decide on a design. I've seen a few different designs and aren't sure which will be the best for my super-shiny-faced girl. Not sure if I should cover the top and two sides in tissue paper or leave the top open. I've also seen a design where the sides and top are lined with white paper, and the lights just come from the front. Gah I don't know! I might try the paper lined one first and if it doesn't work then I'll do the tissue one. Decisions, decisions.

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