Monday, February 8, 2010

She's not Blythe...

She's Blybe. Or as she is now known, Basaak. And she's on her way to my house to have horrible things happen to her! Mwa hahahaha.

I actually feel secretly ashamed for having bought her. So much so that I daren't share my purchase on any of the dolly forums. When the clones first started coming out it seems that they were considered utrageously ugly abominations created by the devil who would bring about the demise of our beloved Takara Neos, and reading back through the archives there were some heated discussions about buying them. So for now, I shall keep her a secret...and just share her with anyone who happens to find my blog (hahaha - I don't think anyone has read it yet!).

The thing is, I really really want a new Blythe and I really really want a custom. Sadly, I am also really really poor right now and simply don't have much to spend. I would consider the most beat up, defaced and nekked Blythe, be she Neo or ADG, but right now they all seem a bit pricey and frankly, I would not consider carving up a perfectly good doll that I paid even $100 for to make my first customising blunders. It just wouldn't seem right. As for taking to my Punkaholic People with a needle-file, well that's just unthinkable! It was hard enough having to open her up to repair her pull string when it snapped.

So instead Frankie (short for Frankenstein's monster) is winging her way to me from Thailand. I've seen some amazing work using Basaaks as a base and hope that I can manage to create something that isn't too abominable. At the very least I might be able to give someone a good laugh and I won't feel too terrible about binning a doll that only ended up costing me $40 including shipping.

So after a few hours of research this is what I have learned about Basaak dolls.

  • They are very close in appearance to the SBL mold only their noses and lips are wider.
  • Although their bodies are very similar to Blythe, their legs often fall off and their waists can be a bit wobbly. I am prepared to re-body her if need be.
  • They have brown eyechips! I'm really sold on those. I don't know what colour they replace.
  • Their hair is better than CCE (which I'm told was shocking), but not as good as Blythe (well duh!).
  • They have no glue holding them together. No glue!!!! Therefore it is said that they are easy to pull to bits.
  • Some of them smell chemically. Ooh I hope not!
  • Their make-up is harder to remove (or it stays on better, whichever way you look at it).
  • They have really funny "trout lips" when the stock make-up is removed.
I intend to sandmat, replace eyelashes and chips, do natural looking make-up and.....carve her lips (that scares me, but I love how it looks when it's subtle and glossy!). I'm going to straighten her hair if it is not too bad, or re-root/wig her if it is.

Now, to get myself some supplies! I can't wait for her to arrive! Mwa hahahahahaha!!!

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