Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pets for your Blythe!

Today on Etsy I came across this fabulous little shop Moss Mountain and guess what they sell? Miniature felt animals that just happen to be about Blythe sized. Sweet huh?

You can also get them as earrings...but for we Blythe collectors, that's beside the point. Check out the cuteness!

Her prices are very reasonable with most of the little critters around $5 or $6 US (at the time of posting this - if she puts them up, don't blame me!) and shipping to Australia only $2 US. I have a feeling that either the fox or the bunny may well be coming to live with me in the not too distant future!

She also does a sweet little pig, a skunk and mice in different colours. Well worth checking out if your girl is in the market for a fuzzy friend.

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