Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introducing Lily

Oops - life got busy and I haven't blogged!

Well, the floor is finished and looks great. It's nothing exciting to see so I'll post a pic once the walls are painted. Thought I might introduce another member of my Blythe family. This is Lily. Sadly she isn't really mine, she belongs to my daughter, however she is the reason that I became interested in the hobby. It was while I was trying to find the cheapest way to get my hands on a doll for Miss B, so she's the one to blame for my expensive little habit. Even though I have so far resisted buying another Blythe, I know it won't be long before I fall off the wagon with all of the great released coming out of Japan soon!. She's a Simply Lilac and was purchased in October 2009 (for Xmas). Already her price has gone up considerably from the amount I paid for her and I am kicking myself for not buying a Peppermint from the same buyer back when they were cheaper. Lesson learned - next time don't wait! I love Peppermint's hair colour and their fair complexion makes them a dream to photograph. I'd love to see one spray-matted.

I made the dress that Lily is wearing. It was very easy to make but I think I would like a more fitted version of it next time. She has to wear this one tightly belted. I think it could use a couple of little darts.

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