Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Had a great day sewing, but I guess it doesn't make for very interesting blogging! It was freezing here, and for some bizarre reason I had this urge to make white lacy things so here's what' I've been up to.

This white petticoat (I suppose you could also use it as a skirt if you wanted to), which is bound for the shop.

And this white and palest of pink dresses - which was a bit of an experiment. I really like how it turned out. I'd probably list that too, only in my creative frenzy, I accidentally left the tiniest silver pencil mark on the neck seam. I am not too upset about having to keep it :)

Other news...a new arrival will be heading over to Chez Dollybird in the near future. I haven't technically broken my Dolly Diet, because I don't pay for her until 1 July - hah!! I'm very excited because she's my first EBL and as she needs a little TLC, I'll be able to leave my own mark on her without feeling wracked with guilt. Or I'll chicken out, and get someone else to do her face-up...that's entirely possible too!

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