Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who's That Girl?

I can hardly believe it, but my "odd haired girl" has arrived already! I'm glad, because I barely had time to fret over which one I'd end up with. I'm pleased to say, that I did receive the exact same one that I imagined I had purchased. All my wishin' and hopin' paid off - she has the Veronica Lace scalp! Huzzah!! The "real" VL is currently selling on Ebay for about $US260 and up and there is no way I'd ever have been able to afford her.

I have no idea which face plate she has. I puzzled over it for hours and the closest guesses I have are Tarts and Tea, Casual Affair, or Baby's Breath. Her absence of blush makes it that tiny bit harder to place her, but I'm leaning towards Tarts and Tea. She has a blue pull ring that I've heard is Tarts and Tea's. She has the purple/plum chips that my redhead came with, although it was from a completely different seller.

She photographs like a dream, but I'm feeling a bit ambivalent towards her so far. There is something about her face that is kind of blank. I will definitely be customising this one and I may even attempt a lip carve. I don't even have any idea of a name for her yet. Obviously I can't go on calling her Odd-haired Girl! Here are her factory flaws:

- Scalp is a different colour to face. Again. *sigh*
- Hair is shedding quite a bit (although I know that some people had the same problem with the official VL scalp doing this).
- A few little scratches on face. Nothing major.
- A few little flaws in the shiny finish. Again, nothing major.
- Body parts don't exactly match, but it isn't super noticable like on Roxy.
- The seam on her body isn't perfectly sealed shut.
- Her eye mech doesn't feel right. This is a bit concerning - I'll be cracking her open to investigate. She had a shaving of plastic stuck in her eye socket when I got her and I hope this isn't somehow related.
- As with all my factory girls, she is missing the metal surround of her pull string hole.
- Pull ring was included, but not attached.

The best thing about her is by far her hair - it's amazing. It isn't out of the box perfect, but it is in very good shape for a factory girl. I really can't understand why the seller didn't make the effort to take a better photo of it as the auction one just looked a not-quite-right shade of brown, rather than it's VL two tone glorious-ness. It feels very sleek and silky and has just a few snarls at the very bottom of the length. A single treatment will more than sort it out.

Because her scalp is a different colour to her face, I think she'll be donating her hair to Roxy. If I was a better Blythe hairdresser, I'd probably do bangs like the "real" Veronica Lace, but I know I would mess it up horribly. I think that the Aubrey scalp will probably end up being hers, depending on the skintone of the scalp I guess. I think I might see if I can sell the Saffy scalp. It is quite cute, and I really like it on Roxy, but I just could not live with the mis-matched scalp colour.

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