Thursday, June 24, 2010

In search of the perfect blonde

So, how did I go with my 5 items in 5 days challenge? Pretty darn badly that's how! Turns out that what I thought was a particularly nast bout of the flu, was actually Glandular Fever (or Mono, for all the Americans who read this). In a way I was relieved to find out the cause of it - I thought I was either depressed or suffering from Narcolepsy!

At any rate no garments were finished this week, however I was feeling well enough today to rephotograph one of my Esty dresses, play with Roxy's hair and begin work on the grey satin dress I'd cut out so I think I might be on the mend. At any rate, I am feeling well enough to start covetting another Blythe - this time a blonde.

Now that Roxy is sporting her new VL scalp, I no longer have a blonde in my collection. True, I could get another bait Blythe and wack the Saffy scalp on that, but where's the fun in that? This time I am wanting a bit of a glamour-puss with lovely warm golden blonde hair and to be honest, I'm not seeing that many that fit the bill. There are loads of blonde Blythes, but most of them are super-light verging on platinum, lemony or yellow.

I quite like I Love You It's True, but unfortunately she can be expensive as she's an older release. I also like the new Love and More, but I think she is a limited release...which means $$$.

I wish I did not have such expensive taste!


  1. got love and more and suddenly felt a bit ambivalent about her. She's just too perfect that I have no urge to customise her, or even remodel her in other clothes. ;p which means I actually don't play with her much. hmmm...:)

  2. My fave blonde (from pics at least!) is Samedi Marche, I think she is just divine... if I ever get a blonde I want it to be her, which means I'll be saving up for the next two years... at least...!

  3. simplypeaceable - I feel a bit that way about my Nos Pop. She's so perfect she's untouchable! TBH I do seem to like my girls ghetto so I can play customiser without guilt, so maybe I need to keep my eyes peeled for a fixer-upper.

    Vic: I feel your pain! She is gorgeous, but sadly out of my price bracket. If I had the $$ I'd get either her or Mondie!