Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Neemo!

Oh man I've been sick this week. So sick, that two new dolly parcels arrived and I didn't even open them until today - Mr P should have called a priest! I've had some kind of flu...and then tonsilitis. May I just say, that this is not a nice thing to have as a grown up, because besides the pain and the inconvenience of not being able to open my mouth to speak, swallow, drink or eat, my vanity and pride have been suffering dreadfully. I look like Jabba the Hutt. My entire throat/neck has been swollen - yes, even on the outside - and I am sporting twin lumps on my neck like frankenstein's monster. Ever so pretty - not! Anyway, enough complaining. My family weren't particularly interested in hearing me moan on about it so I'm sure that you won't be!

I opened my Pure Neemo Flection body this afternoon and I've been having great fun with it! How pervy is this shot of her?! It was getting dark when I hurriedly grabbed the camera and predictably, all of my pics were rubbish. I was trying valiantly to correct the photo and quickly realised that it was a lost cause so I had a play around with filters and effects on and accidentally created this. She looks alarmingly fleshy and real...with dolly joints - creepy!

The first thing I noticed when I opened it up was the weight of it. It's made of a kind of hard resin and it feels pleasantly substantial to hold. The resin has a natural looking matt finish and the colour is quite good - neither too pink or too brown. I love the shape of her - she's a lot more realistic (as you can see from my pervy pic!), and somehow manages to be willowy and curvy at the same time. She has a detailed collarbone, a rather pert little bottom, curvy thighs and her feet are really delicate and sweet. Her chest and torso are slimmer than Blythes, and this concerns me a little. It's already become apparent that she is not going to effortlessly be able to wear anything that fits Blythe - dresses with tight bodices swim on her unflatteringly.

I was a little worried that her joints would be too floppy to hold a pose, but they stay put nicely. However, I quickly realised that she would not be quite as posable as I had imagined. Somehow I thought that she would be a doll equivalent of those wooden artists models that you can buy and this is not the case. She can raise and lower her arms, but not move them out straight and the same goes for her hips/legs. The limb joints are not ball and socket, so while they will bend, they can't also twist. Instead you are able to twist the upper arm and thigh, which does make a lot more poses possible than a classic Takara body, but does have it's limitations. Her neck and ankle joints do use a ball type joint but the range is quite limited. I am very excited to get a head on her so I can tilt the head!

I'm also a little bit concerned about her feet coming off in shoes. They look quite fragile and I'm pretty sure that there's a good chance this might happen - particularly in boots. I am not entirely certain that they would just pop back on either (and I hope I don't need to find out!) Her feet are definitely too big for most of the shoes in my collection - think I might have to get some new ones just for this body. At this point, my first impressions of this body are very good and I can't wait to get a head on her and do a proper photo shoot. Possibly with less creepy results!

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