Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm back, Baby!

I can tell that I'm feeling much better. I've made a couple of items for the store, taken some photos of the gorgeous Roxy, bought a new Dolly Recipe Coordinate mook and I am struggling big time with the dolly diet. All of which are good signs that I am on the mend.

New dresses - the green one is in my Etsy now, and the blue will follow in a couple of days. I've also made a really sweet petticoat, which of course I have not photographed yet. It's pure white, lacy, frilly and flouncy and reminds me of those old Flake ads from the early 80's. Makes me want to make white frilly dresses right away!

I'm even wondering about my poor Blythe in bits...I am thinking of giving lips another try. I am soooo bad at them, but I'll never learn unless I keep at it. I can't understand how all these first time customisers seem to be so damn good at it - I find it impossible to do a half decent job of them. I have searched all over and have a few tutorials, but nothing that is aimed at completely hopeless newbies like myself. I wonder how many attempts I can make before the poor girl has no lips left at all!

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